About Me

My name is Angela and I am a self-described geek and gamer girl living in Shawnee, Kansas. I play in several different regularly scheduled gaming groups and have collected a respectable number of dice over the years. Like many of my friends, I used a Crown Royal bag to hold my dice at first. But I am a finicky gamer and like to use particular dice for particular games and found that I was always digging through the bag, or dumping it out to search for that one special die. As a gift one year, a friend gave me a pink bag because my favorite color is pink. This bag opened up flat and allowed me to easily pick out whatever die I was looking for. Furthermore, if the bag was not full, I had enough room to make my rolls on the flatten space of the bag bottom, preventing dice from rolling all over (and off) the table.

Being the crafty person I am, I decided I enjoyed this new bag so much that I had to reverse-engineer it and make myself another one. It turned out to be so easy, that I made some bags for my gaming friends. The crafting process was an enjoyable stress-reliever, that I found myself making up excuses to create more and more bags. And thus, The Dice Bag Maker was born!

I am also a software developer who works full-time, so these bags are just a hobby that I create on the weekends and in my spare time. I truly enjoy trying to put together a custom bag that makes another gamer smile. Don't be afraid to stump me with an off-the-wall request, as long as you don't need it in a hurry.